DLF-2 Automatic Tray sealer with Vacuum and Gas Flushing

Working Capacity

Such as: boxes within 220x140mm, the height of the box is generally not more than 60 millimeters, each step into 2 boxes of packaging:

Vacuum works 6 times a minute, packed 12 boxes per minute, packed 720 boxes per hour

After vacuum, nitrogen is packed 5 times per minute, packed 10 boxes per minute, packed 600 boxes per hour.

Vacuum≤ 200Pa   

Compressed air≥ 0.5MPa
Power supply

Capacity:  4KW

Overall Dimensions3000*920*1700mm

It is suitable for all kinds of food, meat products, seafood, eggs, fruits and vegetables, pickles, cooling meat, pharmaceutical products, hardware components, medical equipment and so on. 

l  Banner color sensor, light film color film can be used.

l  MITSUBISHI servo motor controls box walking, accurate positioning.

l  Japan MITSUBISHI computer control.  

l  Pneumatic parts adopt Japanese SMC valve terminal type pneumatic system.

l  Equipped with imported automatic recycle system for wasted and scrap.

l  The nitrogen displacement rate can reach more than 99.5

l  Packaging efficiency 600-720 boxes / hourAccording to the box and type.

l  Stainless steel chain and aluminum alloy mold .

l  Servo motor control, adjustable at any speed.

l  Vacuum nitrogen filling device.

l  Vacuum pumps use Germany's best Busch brand. 

l  The main material uses 304 stainless steel and aluminum alloy.

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