Automatic Rotary bag Vertical Weighing sealing packing machine

Weighing sealing packing machine

1) The Z type hoist lifts the product to the computer combination scale;

2) Multi-head weigher discharges according to the set weight;

3) Put the bag on the packaging machine-open the bag-feeding- sealing-conveyor belt output-to the two small packaging machine manual vacuum sealing

1) Packaging size: bag width 100mm-200mm,bag length 80mm-320mm;

2) Compressed air consumption: >0.35 m³/min

3) Total power: 7KW

4) Packaging capability: 30-60 bags/min (the speed is mainly determined by the fillings characteristics and weight)

5)  Measurement method: computer multi-head weigher


1) Bag filling and rotating system: composed by 304 stainless steel processing parts, precision cast 304 stainless steel parts, high-precision bearings, imported plastic bearings, imported engineering plastic rollers and other materials that meet the food packaging hygiene standards.

2) Transmission system: Use a constant speed and constant torque frequency conversion motor to control the rotating system to ensure accurate, coordinate and high speed transmission. The transmission system is fully mechanically controlled by cams which are made with 20GrMnTi carburizing, quenching, fine grinding and other processing techniques to maximize the accuracy and service life of the equipment.

3) Control system: use German Siemens high-end components (main components include: PLC, touch screen, frequency converter) to ensure stable operation, safety and accurate control.

4) Pneumatic components: mainly use imported components from Germany Siemens\Japan SMC.

5) Safety detection system: preventive monitoring and intelligent control, use imported components from Schneider.

6)  Vacuum pump: use no fuel pump to control pouch pick-up and open.

7)  Reserved workstations: The equipment reserves multiple workstations. According to the different needs of customers, different equipment can be placed (for example: coding, Jolt ramming, liquid filling, etc.)

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