Automatic Vacuum Skin Packaging Machine DH-LZT

vacuum skin packing machine

Put the product in the tray first and then place the tray in the discharge area of the equipment.

The tray advance with the chain the forward and enter the sealing mold station, the mold rises,the top film covering the tray,first vacuum, film attachment, die cut(die and tray sealed together), finally exhaust, drop mold, packaged products continue to run forward with the chain and come out of the outlet.Waste material recovery system keep the working environment clean.




Machine Dimensions(LxWxH):


Top Film

Maximum Width 420mm

Compressed Air:    


Vacuum Pump:

Germany BUSCH 

Total Weight






Vacuum Skin Packaging Machine, for food, non-food products package, especially used for packing seafood, cheese, dairy, fish, shrimp, meat etc.

− High degree of automation

− High yield and wide applicability

− Suitable for high capacity packaging food packaging.

− Stable quality, long service life.

− Fault real-time alarm function.

− The operation is simple and convenient.

− Easy to maintain

− Operator safety guaranteed by double-switch 

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