DLH-420 Rigid film thermoforming vacuum packaging machine

Plastic box(rigid film) vacuum packaging machine

Rigid film thermoforming vacuum packaging machine use upper film and lower rigid film to thermoform the tray shape at forming station and seal the top at the sealing station, besides the tray can be filled with gas(Modified Atmosphere Packaging) to extend product shelf life.

Width of upper film:   393-394mm ,   

Width of lower film:   422mm
Vacuum:            ≤200Pa      

Compressed air:      ≥0.6MPa

Fill up gas pressure:   ≥0.2MPa         

Fill up gas join:      ∮12PU pipe
Cooling water:       ≥0.15Mpa      

Power:             380V/50HZ 
Capacity:             12KW

Dimensions:         6000×950×1860mm  

Total weight:         2200kg

Produce, Poultry, Seafood, Red Meat, Fruit,Prepare food etc.

 1.Mitsubishi computer control.

2. Mitsubishi Human-machine interface, push-pull type.

3. Mitsubishi servo system .

4. REGINA chains, Imported from Italy 

5. Mitsubishi computer temperature control system.

6. Imported electrical equipment.

7. Japanese SMC pneumatic system.

8. Adopt German BUSCH vacuum pump.

9. Imported photoelectric tracking system, available colorized top film

10. 20mm thick aluminum magnesium alloy plate structure.

11.  independent lifting locking system.

12. Combination sealing mould

13. Cross-cutting knife operates independently and controlled by computer. 

14. The upper and lower film use the new control system.

15. Equipped with imported automatic recycle system for wasted and scrap.

16. Equipped with warning and protection system, which can help for operator use and adjust easily.

17. Forming, sealing, horizontal knife and longitudinal knife are all equipped with safety protection system and safety cover. 

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