DLZ-420 Roll stock Thermoforming Vacuum Packaging Machine

food Thermoforming Vacuum Packaging Machine

Shandong Xiaokang is the leading manufacturer in China of automatic continuous film thermoforming vacuum packaging machines. We have 25 years experience in the manufacturing of packaging machines and deliver more than 2000 machines each year all over the world. Each machine is individually designed to meet your requirements with regard to pack design, output and efficient use of resources. Reliability, durability and comprehensive service make our automatic continuous stretch film thermoforming vacuum packaging machines a resilient link in your production chain.

Upper film width:393--394mm;

Lower film width:422mm;


Compressed air:≥0.6MPa;

Cooling water:≥0.15Mpa;   

Power supply:Suitable voltage

Total Power:18-20KW;

Overall Dimensions:6000×950×1860mm;

Total weight:2200kg;

Food, seafood product, meat product, vegetable and fruit product, pickles, chilled meat, electronic, hardware, chemical, pharmaceutical and other dried products. Especially suitable for all kind of leisure food, such as: dried tofu, cheese, steak, egg etc.

● computer programmable controller (PLC), control input and output with large capacity.

● large color Human-machine interface touch screen, push-pull type for control panel.

● servo system controls stepper speed with high speed and precision.

● European famous brand chains.

● computer temperature control system, intelligent heating function, precise temperature control.

● Imported electrical equipment.

● SMC valve terminal type pneumatic system.

● Adopt with original German (BUSCH) vacuum pump.

● Imported photoelectric tracking system, available colorized tectorial membrane, guarantee for design position precisely.

● The machine adopts aluminum magnesium alloy panelized construction, guide rail and wallboard are for integral extrusion forming.

● Forming, sealing and lifting adopt pneumatic lever independent lifting locking system.

● Combination sealing mould, integral sealing cushion, and sealing-heating plate are multiple heating tube inlay.

● Cross-cutting knife operates independently and controlled by computer. This system can be turned on or off through the touch screen.

● The upper and lower film use the new control system.

● Equipped with imported automatic recycle system for wasted and scrap.

● Equipped with warning and protection system for power default phase, reverse phase and overtension, and lubrication of machines, which can help for operator use and adjust easily.

● Forming, sealing, horizontal knife and longitudinal knife are all equipped with safety protection system and safety cover. System can automatic stopping in case of emergency. At the meanwhile, screen can show faults of system and appropriate solutions.  

● Overall length of this equipment is about 6.5- 7 meters.

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