XK-220Z Rotary Pouch Vacuum Packaging Machine

Automatic Rotary Pouch Vacuum Packaging Machine

Packing Process:

This machine is composed of the rotary bag filling system and the rotary vacuum sealing system. 

Give the bag to the packing machine - spray code (optional) - bag opening - solid filling – twice vacuumize - sealing- air exhaust - open cover-conveyor belt output

1. Available pouch size : Width: 100-220mm  Length: 60-320mm

2. Compressed air consumption: > 0.35 cubic meters / minute

3. Cooler head: 24-30M

4. Power: 3 phase, AC 380V 50Hz

5. The total power: 12KW (including three sets of 7KW imported vacuum pump) 

6. The total weight: 2300KG

7. Dimensions: 2800*1600*1800mm

8. Machine speed: 30-60 bags/min (depend on the bag size and weight)

9. Measurement methods: scraper metering, screw metering, multi-head computer combination scale

10. Bag materials: aluminum foil bags, handbags, PE bags, PP bags

1). The equipment is mainly composed of a bag-filling rotating system and a vacuum sealing rotating system. The vacuum sealing system is a constant-speed continuous rotating motion.

2). Simple and convenient operation: adopt PLC touch screen centralized control, man-machine interface operating system, intuitive, simple and convenient operation;

3). Easy and fast bag changing: the bag width can be adjusted at one time; the position of the sealing line can be adjusted at one time

4). Unmanned operation: After entering the task requirements, the measurement and packaging are fully automated and unmanned operation; automatic alarm will occur when a failure occurs

5). Safe and reliable: perfect detection and prevention system, do not meet the packaging conditions without feeding and sealing;

6). The sealing is smooth and beautiful: the sealing is packaged by instant heating and rapid cooling;

7). The equipment complies with food processing machinery hygiene standards to ensure food hygiene and safety

1. The rotary bag filling system: made by 304 stainless steel processing parts, casting 304 stainless steel parts, high-precision bearings, imported plastic bearings, imported plastic wheels and other materials which meet the hygiene standards of food processing, ensure the food hygiene and safety, extend the machine life.

2. The rotary vacuum sealing system: the material of turntable is casting aluminum, the material of vacuum chamber is aluminum processing parts, vacuum cover for high hardness engineering plastics. In the premise of meeting the hygienic standard and safety strength of packaging machinery, the weight is reduced and the motor power is saved. The other major components are assembled with 304 stainless steel parts, high-precision bearings and imported plastic bearings. The system is characterized by continuous and constant rotation, In order to ensure packaging and sealing quality.

3. The conveyor system: adopt a variable frequency motor with constant torque which controls two rotating system in order to work in accurate, coordinated and high-speed. The conveyor system is cam control, the drive cam and gear is made by 20GrMnTi carburizing, quenching, grinding and other technical processing, maximize the equipment running accuracy and service life. 

4. The control system: German Siemens (the main components include: PLC, touch screen, inverter), to ensure smooth operation and accurateness.

5. Pneumatic components: German Siemens/Japan SMC imported components.

6. The safety detection system: equipped with a sound safety testing system, so as to prevent, monitor and control; the main components are France Schneider imported components.

7. Vacuum pump: with German BUSCH vacuum pump each machine which is respectively used for the first time  vacuum and the second vacuum. One Japanese oil-free pump for the rotary bag filling system with getting bag and opening bag. 

8. Reserved station: the device reserves a number of stations which according to the different needs of customers, can be placed in different devices (such as code, shock, add fluid, etc.) 

9. Feeding and filling: can add different feeding device (multi-head computer combination scale, screw metering device, scraper, working platform, liquid filling machine) according to different product characteristics and specific customer requirements. 


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