DZ-600/2S Vacuum Packaging Machine

Vacuum Packaging Machine

TypeModelvacuum pump modelStd chamber dimensionmachine dimension
DZ-400/2SChinese 530*506*110mm1050*630*850mm
DZ-500/2SBUSCH 590*540*120mm1210*660*900mm
DZ-600/2SBUSCH 690*620*160mm1400*720*950mm
DZ-700/2SBUSCH 790*670*190mm1600*770*970mm
      DZ-800/2SBUSCH       920x780x220mm      1835x910x1060mm
DZ-400/2LChinese 500*460*110mm520*515*910mm
DZ-500/2LBUSCH 550*490*120mm570*540*920mm
DZ-600/2LBUSCH 650*570*160mm670*620*970mm
DZ-700/2LBUSCH 750*620*190mm770*670*990mm

Food, electronic, hardware, chemical, pharmaceutical and other dried products and produces with no or little juice.

● Adopt German BUSCH vacuum pump, the vacuum degree is 0.1 millibar.

● This type of machine is controlled by digital display time relay.

● The whole machine is made of type 304 stainless steel, and the thickness of work room and workbench is 3mm.

● Package capacity is 2-5 times per minute.

● The under pumping system is controlled by two-way valve.

● Oil-water separation device, which can protect vacuum pump and increase the shelf life of the products.

● All vacuum tube, sealer and filler plate are made of silicone.

● Customer can choose sealer bar

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