BUSCH Vacuum Pump Automatic MAP Tray sealer with Vacuum Gas Flushing (DH-LZQ)

MAP Tray sealer with gas flushing,automatic discharge

− High degree of automation

− High yield and wide applicability

− Suitable for high capacity packaging food packaging.

− Mixing ratio combining of gases 

− Stable quality, long service life.

− Fault real-time alarm function.

− The operation is simple and convenient.

− Easy to maintain

− Operator safety guaranteed by double-switch 

Max Width of Film(mm)420Consume Power(kw)6-8KW
Max Diameter Of Film(mm)260Air Exchanging Rate(%)99-99.5
Packaging Speed(time/m)3-4Air Filling Concise(%)≥1
Electrical Requirement3Phase/380V/50HZ, or suitableMachine Weight(Kg)960
Working Pressure(mpa)0.6-0.8Machine Size(mm)3000*822*1576

It is suitable for all kinds of food, meat products, seafood, eggs, fruits and vegetables, pickles, cooling meat, pharmaceutical products, hardware components, medical equipment and so on. 

Control System: Mitsubishi PLC

Pneumatic System:SMC pneumatic 

Vacuum System:high vacuum degree and long service life.

Gas detection method:Precise gas detection means, use gas analyzer in the production and testing processes 

Emergency stop switch:The machine is equipped with an emergency stop switch which can be pressed in case of abnormal condition to terminate all ongoing work programs to guarantee the safety of equipment and personnel.

Heavy duty casters:Universal caster wheels with brake function are mounted at the bottom of the equipment for user to move and fix the machine.


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