Belt conveyor type vacuum packaging machine

rolling conveyor type vacuum packaging machine

Xiaokang DZ-1000 Computer Controlled Rolling Belt Vacuum Packaging Machine is controlled by microcomputer chip. 

  • Suitable for automatic production line.

  • The angle of workbench is adjustable up to 30 degree, especially suitable for the vacuum packaging products with juice. There is a protective cover that can protect the safety of staffs.

  • The main components are all imported quality.

  • Conveyor belt is imported from Netherlands,made by special material, which is light weight, high strength and corrosion resistance. 

  • Transmission chain from Europe.

  • Germany BUSCH vacuum pump.

  • This type of machine has imported total aluminum composition motor and high-speed rotation locator. 

  • All heating components are located inside of chamber, which can prevent circuit short, especially for packing liquid product.

  • This machine are designed circulating water-cooling system, which can make sure heating bar service time longer than other brands. 

  • Water proof control panel, suit for humid environment.

  • Work room is made by 304 stainless steel, easy to clean, more durable and also can prevent rusting. 






Width of the Seal

Seal Dimension

Voltage Standard


Vacuum Chamber Dimension



Busch 200 m³

≤ 200 pa

8-10 mm

1000 mm

 380 V /50 HZ

3-6 KW


1580*1800*1500 mm

Food, electronic, hardware, chemical, pharmaceutical and other dried products and produces with juice.

Adopted with German BUSCH  vacuum pump or German BUSCH RA0111F vacuum pump.

● Imported wide-angle chain form Italy.

●  Schneider Electrical

● Frame is made of 304 stainless steel, the thickness of vacuum chamber is 8mm

● Conveyor belt is imported from Netherlands.

● Water-proof computer controlled panel

● Customer can choose single row or double row sealed machine. Seal span of single row machine is 42 cm, double row machine is 22 cm.

● There are two kinds of covers, flat cover or convex cover, height of flat cover is 90mm, and height of convex cover is 100-120m.

● Negative pressure valve from  Taiwan .

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