Home use commercial Single Chamber Vacuum Sealer

  1. DZ400/2L small vacuum packaging machine is the most economical one of vacuum packaging machines.Not only easy to use, and also small energy consumption.It has only one vacuum chamber.

  2. When the machine work normally, the capacity is 100 times per hour.The smaller of the package size, the higher the capacity is.

  3. All 304 stainless steel,corrosion resistant, easy to clean and extend the life of the machine

  4. Time relay display,operate conveniently and accurately.

  5. The steel plate is thicker then any other brand.

  6. Vacuum pump is of famous-brand(Special vacuum pump for Xiaokang 20).

Vacuum chamber dimension: 500×460×110mm

Sealing length: 400mm×2
Sealing width: 8-10mm
Seal span: 400mm
Productivity: 2-3 times/min
Power: (220V)380V 0.8KW
Machine dimension: 520×515×910mm

Household,commercial use sealer machine


The packaging process is automatically controlled by electrical system, pump-down time, heating time and heating temperature are all adjustable as different requirements and material of the packaging.

You can also print product production date and code on the sealing part.

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